Packing Services

Packing Services - Packing Material

Packing Services
Our team will come to you before your move, using the top of the line packing materials to ensure your belongings are safely Packed and labeled where they need to be. This eases any concerns you might have regarding your item’s safety and continuity before, during and after the relocation process.

The Top Packers in the industry!

Our professional packers all have been certified and trained for to do this. Cool Springs Relocation has long held the satisfaction of not having one item broken on any of our moves.

Our Packing Plans

Packing Moving boxes

We Pack Everything

We will come to your home do a survey to determine what packing material will be needed for the job. Our packing crew will arrive on the scheduled date with all material needed. We will pack all your belongings label the contents and room location on the carton for easy hassle free delivery.

Partial – Packing 

We customize a packing plan to fit your needs. From packing breakables only which is all glassware to packing mattresses cartons only, we can fit any packing needs you may have from big too small.

You Pack Everything

Is where our movers come to your home pad wrap all your furniture and move the boxes you packed. Please note that flat screen televisions need to be in a televisions carton or transported by yourself, and the contents of any flexible furniture like Ikea or antique furniture with fragile legs etc. Your customers can purchase the packing material from us to be delivered straight to your home.

Packing Coverage

Most phone calls questions we receive about packing from potential customer are regarding insurance on packed belongings. All items that are packed by us ranging from mattresses, China, and books are covered by us. Where it gets confusing is moving term P.B.O. Cartoon. Which is a PBO (Packed By Owner). Which is not be covered because of course we didn’t pack it, but this don’t mean that our movers are going to throw your cartons in the truck we will ask that you label any breakable on the side of the cartoon so it can be separated and loaded by its self to prevent any damage.