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Best Moving Company Brentwood, TN.


Best moving company

Best moving company Brentwood, TN is Cool Springs Relocation. We do that by upholding the highest standards within each one of our employees, while also providing the up most top quality customer service. Cool Springs Relocation believes on giving back to our community by being a licensed moving company through Brentwood, Williamson County and Founded in Brentwood TN. Cool Springs Relocation desires to be the Best Moving Company in Brentwood. Being the best moving compamy starts with our employees. Each employee has been background Checked, obtained at least seven years experience in the industry, and is enrolled in a drug testing program.

Our prices are a bit higher than those who hire movers with less experience, but in the end our customer always the happiest. I’m sure that reading other moving companies websites around our area they say the same thing, but our company has the facts to back it up. You can visit our review on the Better Business Bureau at the link below.

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Best Moving Company Brentwood, TN

Best Moving Company Brentwood TN

Movers Nashville Cool Springs Relocation & Moving has a A+ Better Business Rating

Honest Pricing!

What helps us be the best moving company in Brentwood, TN is our Honest Pricing! Most families only move a couple of time in there lives, leaving them open to signing contracts that are scams or tailors the price of the quote where at first appearance it seems like a dream but at the end of the move becomes a nightmare of a price.

Sadly this happens all the time, because customers don’t read over the contract thoroughly. They just look at the bottom number of the estimate with is only an estimate or the hourly rate. Mary Schwager Published on Fox Business “In any industry you have bad characters. But when someone comes to your home, packs up all your stuff, takes off with it, and won’t give it back — that’s a terrible time to figure out you hired a shady mover.

During all my years as a consumer and investigative journalist, I’ve fielded dozens of phone calls and emails from consumers in tears saying, “I was quoted my move would cost $1,000, the movers picked up all my belongings, and now they want $4,000 or they won’t unload them off the truck!” Unscrupulous moving companies and moving brokers bank on YOU not knowing the rules and hit you with the “real price tag” for your move when you’re most vulnerable: After they’ve got all your possessions secured on their truck

Mary Schwager, Fox Business This is also why you as a consumer have the moving company do a walk through estimate from the location you are moving. That way the moving company cant say “the price changed because you didn’t tell me about this” Also you need to consider who your letting in your home. I always suggest that if they sound sketchy on the phone than probable not a good idea to have them meet you.

I always suggest taking safety processions when meeting some one. Example: let your neighbor now that you are having visitors and to help listen if you call for help. B. Always carry a home or cell phone on you at all times and mase wouldn’t be a bad idea ether.