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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving by Cool Springs Relocation offers long distance moving to and from the Middle Tennessee area. From packing, loading and driving your belongings we can take care of you all of the way.  During your long distance move your shipment is the only one on the truck. We take the stress of renting trucks and renting moving pads and equipment away. We have our own trucks, certified drivers, all of the equipment and handle all of the labor. Our Crew will inventory and pad wrap all you furniture for transportation. You will also be emailed a pamphlet called “Your Rights and Responsibility” which is required by the Federal Department of Transportation. You just need to pack an overnight bag and we will meet you at your new home. If needed, we can even put your car on a truck and you can have one less car to get to your new home.

Of course, the same driver that pulls up at your old home drives to your new home. The leader of your move will be with you the whole time. Cool Springs Relocation is proud to be able to give you a superior experience at a reasonable price. Because you need someone to do the driving and want your home’s items right away there is no delay in delivery. We drive straight after loading to deliver to our long distance move’s destination as soon as possible.

Cool Springs Relocation’s Long Distance Moving is truly an old fashioned way of moving that’s stress free with the help of trained staff. Years of experience make a long distance move an easy transition so you begin your new journey or job. Please inquire with us today and see if we can help you during your long distance move from the Middle TN area to surrounding states or beyond.

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We don’t hide any fees from our customers; we lay it all out for you from the beginning and we are confident that you will be happy with your investment and service you are receiving. From the minute you decide that we are the moving company for your big day, we begin to implement our plans for your move starting at ground zero. Cool Springs Relocation Long Distance Moving has been in this business long enough to know that going the extra mile is worth its weight in gold. We also treat your items with a care that not every moving company is willing to do, making us the clear cut choice for you.

FMCSA Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Hand Book