Business Commercial Local Moving

Business Commercial Local Moving

Business Commercial Local Moving

Business Commercial Local Moving requires efficient planning and prepping which we do for you. The our goal is to plan and sequence your move. Cool Springs Relocation will first supply you with a list of 64 breakdown options for your move. Yes that is correct 64! Luckly we have made this into a a check off form for our clients. The conclusion of the check off form will show what services you would like us to perform vs. what your company is expecting to do yourselves.  This process will provide you with accurate business commercial local moving estimate

Business Commercial Local Moving Plan Options

Internal Office Moves – single offices, multiple offices, libraries, file rooms, staff room to room or floor to floor with in the same building

Local Office Moves – full office moves which we move computers, desks, chairs, sofa’s, and provide plastic totes to employees to pack their items, and moving everything else.

Company Paid Employee Moves – Your Company pays for your move.

Cleaning Service – We can provide a clean-up crew after the move complete in that building.

We times we may use a diffuse Pressure plan in addition with the move sequence plan to help eliminate the moving stress. While also contacting Landlords & Property Management and review insurance and policies. Please contact us for any other questions you may have.