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If asking yourself what to do with your old piano that you have at your home that you no longer use. It can be a burden, as it can take up a lot of room space. It also gives an odd feeling, when you have an old and unused piano in your house. But, you do not have to dump it and instead, you can donate it to someone else.

Keep in mind that old pianos can be restored and they can be used by piano technicians to learn repairs or teach learners. You may contact any of the professional piano moving company who will take up the old pianos too. Another option is to search for organizations in your locality who will take up used musical instruments. It is also a good idea to contact your local community thrift store or Churches to find out whether they accept old pianos.

If any of these organizations or charity in your area accepts used pianos, then make an agreement with them. When you settle on an agreement, make sure to include all the costs involved in moving the piano from your home as well. If your piano is too big and cannot be moved easily through the door, a professional piano moving company can come to your help.

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Build something with it!
I have personally moved upright pianos that have been converted into wet bars and bookshelves.

The piano moving company will have the tools and professionally trained technicians to carry out this job responsibly. But remember that moving your old piano out from your property to another location could be a costly affair. Therefore, you need to reach an agreement with the other party on who will bear this cost. You may ask the organization or charity to pay the cost or split the charges, whichever seems practical.

If no such organizations in your area accept used pianos, then the next step is to get in touch with a professional piano moving company. These companies will help to remove old pianos from your home and you do not have to worry about them anymore.

If you do not want to donate the piano, you may sell it too. To do that, place an ad on your local daily or post one online. If your old piano is beyond repair, it is advisable that you dispose of it. You may also take it to a piano technician and check whether it can be restored if you have personal attachments to it.

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