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Piano Moving is Difficult

There are debates over which the most popular musical instrument is. Some believe that it is the piano but since piano moving is dificult to move, many dislike it. But, the versatility of sounds it can add to a piece of music gives it the top place. The piano is used in a wide range of music programs; for an ensemble, solo performance, jazz music, classical music, chamber music etc to list a few.

Piano is one of the most expensive musical instruments. It is heavy and not portable. You will know how difficult piano moving is  only when you are faced with a situation for moving it from one place to another. Piano movingis not like moving  a heavy home appliance because it has to be kept balanced and upright while moving in order to avoid getting it damaged. In piano moving, you should also think about the safety of yourself as well as the surrounding objects during the move.

Piano Moving Services

Piano moving requires extreme care and expertise. Fortunately, there are companies that render piano moving services to the people in need. A piano moving company will have experienced employees who know how to handle an expensive and heavy piano without causing it any damages. Here are a few things that you necessarily need to know about piano moving.

Piano Moving Requires Planning and Care

At least three or four people are required to move a piano from one location another. Because it is a heavy instrument and needs extreme care while moving, the moving has to be executed by experienced persons. There are two things to keep in mind while moving a piano; it has to be kept upright and should not be shaken while moving. Furthermore, be careful not to scratch the things on way or its own finish.

Piano Moving Services

Efficient Piano Moving Services

How long does it take?

According to the experts at a popular piano moving company in New York, piano moving is a process that can definitely take a couple of hours. So, if you are hiring a piano moving company, be prepared to spare a couple of hours.

In short, it is better to hire a piano moving company to execute piano moving because they have the necessary moving equipment to move a heavy piano safely from one place to another. Nevertheless, if you have the equipments and the experience in piano moving, you can’t do it on your own without worries.


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  • Lillian Schaeffer

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that a piano moving service will have experience. My husband and I want to have our piano moved downstairs, and while we could get some friends to help us, I want to make sure it’s moved safely. I’ll definitely look into hiring a professional so I know I can rely on their experience to get it safely to its new place. Thanks for the great post!

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